FDA Breast Implant Safety decision
US regulators: Silicone breast implants relatively safe Silicone breast implants are relatively safe despite frequent complications and a small increased risk of the disease lymphoma, US drug regulators have said. In a new report, the Food and Drug Administration said the risks were well enough understood that prospective patients could make informed decisions.
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Malignant Melanoma education video
This is a you tube video which one of my BAPRAS colleagues Mr Hamish Laing has identified, which I believe deserves widespread exposure . It is a well crafted and very moving video aimed at educating young people about dangers of skin cancer especially malignant melanoma.
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Euxton Hall Hospital
Hi there , I am excited on joining Ramsay group at Euxton Hall Hospital, Euxton, Lancashire. I am looking forward to work along with other plastic surgeon in the department. I am planning to provide full spectrum of cosmetic surgery, skin cancer surgery, hand surgery and non surgical treatments. Please feel free to join us […]
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I am excited about launching our brand “Esthetik” of aesthetic surgery. “Esthetik” aim to provide high quality wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures through our dedicated team. Instead of off the shelf solutions we firmly believe in individualising treatment.   I am available for consultation at the  addresses given in contact us page . I am […]
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