Breast enlargement or augmentation is carried out for many reasons.  In the majority of cases, it is carried out by placing silicone breast implants under the breast tissue to improve the volume and appearance of the breasts.

Silicone breast implants come in a range of sizes and shapes.  They can be either round or teardrop shaped (anatomical).  In most cases women choose implants between 200cc – 350cc in volume. The size required to go up one bra cup size is usually around 125cc. Therefore, average sized breast implants of about 250ccs would normally increase the breast size by around two cup sizes (i.e. A cup to C cup, or B cup to D cup).   However, these figures are only a very rough guide and the results also depend on other factors, including a woman’s height, weight and chest circumference.

If you choose to undergo breast augmentation, we will have a thorough consultation with you prior to the operation.  We will discuss the various implant options and which will be the most suitable option for you, in order to achieve the size and appearance you desire.  Please do not try to go too large.  The aim of breast augmentation is to increase the volume of the breasts so they still look natural.  Implants that are too large, in relation to the size of the woman, tend to look unnatural, quite visible at the edges of breast and in cleavage, and they run the risk of causing symmastia (loss of cleavage due to the breasts merging together at the centre of the chest), which can be very difficult to treat.

“Mr Nadir Ali has never used PIP implants”

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