Brow Lift

Ageing unfortunately tends to lead to a loss of skin elasticity and this is most noticeable on the face.

The brow can begin to droop and frown lines on the forehead gradually become more prominent. This can sometimes give the appearance of hooded upper eyelids.

When this happens, a browlift can make a big difference to the overall appearance of the face. Forehead lines and wrinkles are reduced and the eyes appear more open and youthful.

If you decide to undertake this type of surgery, there are different browlift techniques we can use. You may experience some temporary numbness and itching of the forehead and scalp. However, this will pass.

Prior to booking any such operation, you will have a consultation with the surgeon, to assess whether you are suitable for a browlift and which technique would be most appropriate for you. This will depend on a thorough analysis of your forehead, brows and facial structure.

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