Eyelid Correction (Blephroplasty)

Upper eyelids

As you age, the forehead and eyebrow can begin to descend over the upper bony rim of the eye socket (see “Browlift”). This can cause loose folds of skin to develop over the eyelid and make you appear tired. Sometimes these folds can even sag over the eyes and affect your vision.

If this occurs, an upper eyelid blepharoplasty can be a very effective solution: removing the excess skin and improving the overall appearance of the face. It is a relatively straightforward operation which can be carried out either alone, or in conjunction with a facelift.

Lower Eyelids

Ageing and the force of gravity may over time cause pockets of fat or ‘bags’ to develop around the eye. Other symptoms of ageing can be tear troughs and loss of facial fat causing the eye sockets to protrude. Surgery can be beneficial in correcting many of these problems and your surgeon will be able to discuss your options in detail with you.

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