Face Lift

Ageing, gravity, exposure to the sun and our lifestyles all, over time, take their toll on our skin, particularly our faces and our necks, which are the most visible. Creases around the mouth, eye bags and jowls under the jaw line, are all common complaints that patients seek to correct. Face lift surgery can often make significant improvements.

A face lift works by tightening the muscles and either removing or repositioning excess fat and skin to make the face appear younger and fresher. Face lifts tend to be most effective in correcting mid facial slackness, creases between the nose and mouth, sagging areas of fat and loose skin beneath the chin and jaw.

There have been huge advances in facial cosmetic surgery over recent years, due to a greater understanding of how our skin ages and treatments that can help to address it. There is now a raft of different surgical and non-surgical procedures available, which can be carefully tailored to your specific needs.

The aim with any facial surgery should be to create a brighter, fresher version of you, without an obvious ‘windswept’ or ‘operated’ look. Your surgeon will discuss the different options available with you and recommend the best course of action.

It is important to note that a face lift will not alter the texture of your skin, nor will it remove wrinkles, scars and age spots. If this is what you wish, then advanced skin care products, or skin resurfacing (chemical peel), may be recommended in conjunction with a face lift.

Both eyelid surgery and fat grafting surgery can also be combined with a face lift, to help to reshape the face and rejuvenate the skin.

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